GEWO Zoom Pro Off-

GEWO Zoom Pro Off-

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The GEWO Zoom Pro Off- is designed to help you improve your game. A classic five ply all wood blade, the Zoom Pro has a medium-soft core and harder outer veneers. Due to the special bonding, the energy is released beautifully on ball contact. The Zoom Pro is very easy to play and gives you a very good balance between speed, feeling and weight. It plays very variable and is suitable for all offensive game systems. From aggressive topspin players to half-distance to block and counter at the table. The blade provides precision and pressure in the offensive game. It never forgets the importance of control and flexibility and offers an unsurpassed feeling in a passive play.

The Zoom Pro develops a lot of speed and is very precise and controlled. The fine-tuned-5 layer veneers provide an excellent ball contact time and completely new gaming experience. The Zoom Pro is a top blade in this speed class and first choice when you are looking for a high-quality blade. This modern blade has its followers among players of all divisions.

Speed: Offensive Minus
Wood: European 5 ply. Soft Core / Hard Outer

Speed: 78
Control: 79
Weight: 82g

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