GEWO Hydro Tec 90 ml - Table Tennis Glue

GEWO Hydro Tec 90 ml - Table Tennis Glue

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The GEWO HydroTec Table Tennis Glue - 90 Ml Bottle

The GEWO Hydrotec Table Tennis Glue is a solvent-free water-based table tennis glue and is 100% free of organic solvents (VOC-free). Hydrotec is a modern-day glue designed to improve the playing effects of the newly released large pored sponge that are prevalent in today's new offensive rubber lines. It is simple and easy to use and has a short drying time. When you are ready to replace your rubber sheets, you won't be disappointed with Hydrotec! It will be easy to remove your table tennis rubber from the bat without damaging the sponge, and it is simple to clean away the last traces of old glue from the bat or back side of the rubber.

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