GEWO Codexx EL Pro 52 - Offensive Rubber

GEWO Codexx EL Pro 52 - Offensive Rubber

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GEWO Codexx EL Pro 52 - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

GEWO Codexx EL Pro combines European flex rubber with Asian high spin tackiness. The EL Pro 52 offers the perfect balance of spin, speed and control, creating dangerous high spin, point-winning close-to-the-table shots. Compared to the popular Nexxus Hard series, the new Codexx rubbers generate even more rotation, thanks to the slightly tacky top rubber sheet. With a longer dwell time, Codexx offers more control in over-the-table situations.

The Codexx rubbers series produce more spin on the ABS ball than traditional rubbers, without sacrificing energy transfer. The slightly tacky top sheet adds extra spin and provides for dangerous trajectories. With this combination of technologies, the Codexx rubbers will lay the foundation for successful offensive play.         
Manufacturer Specifications:

Excellent spin ratings for opening topspins against backspin with dangerous trajectory
Perfect ball coupling in all strokes, no slipping, no uncontrolled bouncing.
Hard close-to-the-table topspins and counter-topspins plus more than enough power for mid-distance rallies
Power, stability, and spin for uncompromising close-to-the-table attackers relying on rather short-range and explosive movements and high-speed

Speed: 135/100
Spin: 128/100
Control: 81/100
Hardness:  52 degree / Hard
The Codexx Rubber Series Combines Two New Technologies:  

Top Sheet: Arc Hit Technology:   In countless series of tests, the GEWO development team, in cooperation with top GEWO players, designed a solution combining a hard sponge and tacky surface for point-winning but yet controllable power. Using new gluing technology for linking the topsheet to the sponge, the revolutionary ARC Hitting Technology enables spin-loaded, curved, and long trajectories, putting your opponent under enormous pressure. Optimum energy transfer guarantees maximum speed and perfect grip.

Sponge:  The new ARC sponge technology enables players to benefit from stiffer sponges for more power and dynamics and curved trajectories and catapult effect thanks to the elasticity of the amazing pore array. The innovative HIT Technology provides for control and elasticity. 

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