GEWO Aruna Magic Professional Table Tennis Racket with Nexxus Rubber

GEWO Aruna Magic Professional Table Tennis Racket with Nexxus Rubber

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GEWO Aruna Magic - Professional Table Tennis Racket with Nexxus Rubber


The GEWO Aruna Magic pairs the world-class Aruna Hinoki carbon blade with GEWO's top line offensive Nexxus rubber. The result is an explosive offensive racket, that is balanced and produces high levels of spin. The racket and rubbers are manufactured and engineered by GEWO, a leading worldwide brand and endorsed by Quadri Aruna, world-ranked table tennis athlete, and player legend. 


The Blade: The Aruna Hinoki Carbon Offensive Blade possesses speed, and the famous softwood feeling of the Japanese hinoki outer plies offer. This blade is perfectly balanced and is suited for modern-day table tennis play.  


The Rubbers: The GEWO Nexxus line of rubbers are designed to perform at the highest level. Nexxus range of rubbers is offered in a wide variety of thicknesses and variants. The top sheets are either EL or XT. EL for spin and XT for drive and speed. NEXXUS comes in 53, the hardest sponge, and 38 the softest. In between are 50, 48, and 43 hardness. The wide range of rubbers top sheet and sponges, enable players to choose the correct combinations to complement and maximize playing style.    


The process:  Choose between - Fast, Medium and Control and then choose your handle style - Flare, Straight, Anatomic.   We then custom assemble the racket to your specifications, gluing, affixing, and cutting each rubber. We finish the process with edge tape.  



  • Fast Aruna Magic:  Nexxus EL 53 Forehand, Nexxus EL 53 Backhand, Maximum Both Sides. The fastest possible combination with high spin and speed. Suitable for the professional or tournament player. This is the actual blade used by Qaudri Aruna.
  • Medium Aruna Magic: Nexxus 50 XT Max forehand, and Nexxus 48 EL 2.1 backhand. A perfect forehand drive racket with backhand spin and speed. Suitable for professional, tournament or league player who favors forehand drive and backhand topspin play. 
  • Control Aruna Magic:  Nexxus EL 43 Max and Nexxus EL 38 2.1. These softer sponge rubbers superbly complement the fast speed of the Aruna blade and provide a high spin racket with exceptional over the table touch play. The hardwood still offers excellent power when speed is needed. Suitable for all levels of table tennis play.   


Looking for a different combination?  Choose one of the above and leave the exact specifications in the order notes, we can make any Nexxus combination for you.  Need further guidance? Do not hesitate to contact us, voice, text or email. 



Combined Blade Weight - approximately 190 Grams +/- 5grams. A perfectly balanced racket with weight to generate needed power.

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