GEWO Zoom Balance All+

GEWO Zoom Balance All+

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The GEWO Zoom Balance All+ combines three premium wood plies Kiri, Ayous to each other. With the inner Ayous plies and a Kiri middle ply, it makes a great combination of balance and feel. The layers provide for a large Sweet Spot, good bending strength, and unique power feedback to meet the requirements of modern table tennis. The speed and control values of this allround plus blade were carefully chosen and enable easy switching from passive to active playing and vice versa within the rally. You will always be in control thanks to unique "Power Feedback". This feature is ideal for passive strokes like blocks, pushes, and well-placed returns which will put your opponent under pressure right from the start. Carefully selected wood plies provide for great feel making the blade a great choice for allrounders. In addition to excellent control, the blade also has sufficient speed potential for your own attacks.

Type: Allround Plus
Speed: 86
Control: 99
Weight: 85g

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