GEWO Konigsklasse Sieben - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

GEWO Konigsklasse Sieben - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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GEWO Konigklasse Sieben - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

The GEWO Konigclasse Sieben is the Kings' choice. A classic five-ply all wood offensive all-wood blade with two-ply carbon, support the offensive player. The flat trajectory, which is typical to carbon materials, supports aggressive players who rely on direct point winning. However, each rally starts with the serve and return. This is why the developers of GEWO Konigclasse Sieben also focused on excellent ball-contact feedback for over-the-table pushing. 

The composition of the veneers provides for ultimate control in all situations—kevlar carbon fiber on the core for great forgiveness, which is unusual for hard blades. The GEWO Konigsklasse Carbon Sieben is the new power blade made in Germany for all attackers who want to take the initiative in any situation.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Approximate weight: 80g
Speed: 95
Control: 95
Playing style: Off
Layers: 5+2

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